Gift Giving

This poll question is a great way to begin a discussion on the deadweight loss of gift giving (Waldfogel, 1993). After surveying your class with this Kahoot play a short video from Adam Ruins Everything:

Ask your students if they think gift giving really creates deadweight loss or did Waldfogel’s analysis miss any crucial valuations.

Course Used: Principles of Micro
Quiz Nature: Discussion starter
Question Length: 1
Estimated Time to Play: Anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes depending on how much follow-up is needed.

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Labor, Micro

Living on Minimum Wage

A lot of the social push for higher minimum wages focuses on the need to provide a living wage or to lift workers out of poverty. This Kahoot quiz covered a variety of looks at how the minimum wage impacts different segments of the economy and whether its a solid enough tool to address poverty concerns. Before the quiz, students are asked two watch two YouTube videos from We The Economy on inequality:

While these two focus on the debate portion of minimum wage legislations, students are asked to review a 1987 New York Times opinion piece that pushes for the abolishment of a minimum wage. Most students tend to think the status quo is the only option beyond an increase, but there is a segment of the population that argues for the abolishment. Finally, students look at a recent attempt by California to boost their entire state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour. This article by FiveThirtyEight argues that a lift in the minimum wage only really impacts different portions of the state and leads students to the idea that different regions may be better off determining their own minimum wage.

Course Used: Labor Economics
Quiz Nature: Video and Reading Quiz
Question Length: 7 Questions
Estimated Time to Play: 10 minutes

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