Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform available at no-cost for educators. Each Kahoot! is a multiple choice quiz that allows instructors to review student knowledge or break from the traditional “chalk and talk” lecture. A Kahoot! can also be used as a basis for formative assessment. Quizzes can be accessed by students on a tablet, phone, or computer, but are designed in such a way that encourages social learning so that students must frequently look up from their devices. Kahoot! is one of a number of personal response systems and it offers some particular advantages: students find it engaging, there is no cost to instructors or students, there is no account setup by students, and it is based on a gaming philosophy. Kahoot! lets users share games created by individual users, a handy feature that allows work to not only be replicated but modified by other users. The Kahoot! games mentioned on this site can used with other personal response systems (iClicker, Poll Everywhere, Trypingo, Directpoll, etc.) if the user is willing to transfer the questions into a new system.

Take a look at Kahoots! being played around the world with varying age groups!

Why Kahoot?
When the Kahoot system was first being developed, users asked a very similar question. For the site administrators, the appeal to using Kahoot over other traditional response systems was the social aspect of the platform. With the countdown timer and leaderboard, students were interested in doing as well as they could. Because the platform can be used on a laptop, cell phone, or tablet, students didn’t need to purchase an additional device (like a clicker) or an additional subscription (like Top Hat or Poll Everywhere) to participate.

Are you teaching with Kahoots and are willing to share your Kahoot! with other educators? Reach out to us and let us know!

If you have never experienced a Kahoot! before, you can visit the “Getting Started” page for a brief overview of getting started as well as a series of “Best Practices” that we have put together from years of using Kahoot! in the classroom.

We have collected a series of Kahoots that we have used in the classroom in a variety of courses. While some of the Kahoots are shared publicly, a subset of Kahoots are not publicly available because they are used by the administrator for graded assessment. If posted on this site, the administrator is willing to share that Kahoot with educators privately. If you have questions about accessing a particular Kahoot, please contact us.