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Jadrian J. Wooten, Charity-Joy Acchiardo & G. Dirk Mateer (2020) Economics is a Kahoot!, The Journal of Economic Education, DOI: 10.1080/00220485.2020.1804499

Site Authors

Jadrian Wooten
Website: www.JadrianWooten.com
Twitter: @Wootenomics

Jadrian Wooten is currently an Assistant Teaching Professor at The Pennsylvania State University. His research interests are in managerial and labor related issues in sports as well as teaching pedagogy. He is also deeply involved in developing teaching resources for university and high school economics instructors.

Charity-Joy Acchiardo
Website: www.JoyOfEcon.com
Twitter: @JoyOfEcon

Charity-Joy Acchiardo is a Senior Lecturer of Economics at the University of Texas at Austin. She understands that many people perceive the study of economics as uninteresting and disconnected to the realities of their everyday lives. But she also knows that isn’t true. She gets her students actively engaged in observing their own worlds and solving the puzzles they find there. She is a frequent speaker at teaching workshops across North America and Europe where she shares tips for making economics come alive for students.

Dirk Mateer
Website: www.dirkmateer.com
Twitter: @DirkMateer

Dirk Mateer is a Distinguished Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin. His Principles of Economics course has helped more than 35,000 students understand and appreciate the core concepts in economics.