Macro, Public Kahoots

AP Macro Graphing Review

This Kahoot! focuses on the graphs associated with the Macroeconomics Advanced Placement exam. The quiz covers production possibilities curves, aggregate supply and demand curves, fiscal & monetary policy, money supply, market for loanable funds, Phillips Curve, and foreign exchange.

This Kahoot! was created by Rebecca Sealock and can be accessed publicly!

Course Used: Principles of Macroeconomics
Quiz Nature: Graphing Review
Question Length: 45
Estimated Time to Play: 1 hour

Macro, Public Kahoots

Fiscal and Monetary Policy

This Kahoot! was used as a review for ECON 3 at the University of California at San Diego. The review covers fiscal and monetary policy extensively and some international.

This Kahoot! is publicly available.

Course Used: Principles of Macro
Quiz Nature: Exam Review
Question Length: 10 Questions
Estimated Time to Play: 15-20 minutes

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