Labor, Micro, Public Kahoots

High and Low Pay in Labor Markets

This quiz looks at some of the data on the scale and depth of inequalities of income and wealth in the UK and across a range of countries.

This Kahoot! is publicly available thanks to Geoff Riley.

Course Used: Microeconomics or Labor Economics (UK based)
Quiz Nature: Content Preview
Question Length: 20
Estimated Time to Play: 20-25 minutes with explanation.

Labor, Micro

Micro Chapter 14 Review (Mateer & Coppock)

The Kahoot provides nine end-of-chapter questions on labor demand and supply.

This Kahoot! is not publicly available because the author uses it as an assessment. Please request access and they will share it privately. 

Course Used: Principles of Micro
Quiz Nature: Exam Review
Question Length: 9
Estimated Time to Play: 15 minutes with explanation.