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Henry Ford’s $5 Per Day Decision

Henry Ford’s decision to pay a daily wage of $5 was revolutionary at the time, but few students know the reason behind it. A lot of history courses focuses on Ford’s desire for his workers to be able to purchase the car they were building, but his decision was based on economics. For had an excessive amount of turnover because the wages were not high enough for workers to deal with the unsafe conditions (learn more).

This Kahoot covers an analysis of the Ford decision by having students read the original New York Times announcement, listen to an NPR podcast on the importance of this decision on today’s middle class, and finally read a Forbes article outlining the decision in economics terms. The quiz tends to focus on the relevant dates and values from the article. Most of the analysis of turnover and pay is covered in early chapters of a labor economics textbook.

Course Used: Labor Economics
Quiz Nature: Reading
Question Length: 8 Questions
Estimated Time to Play: 10 minutes

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