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Quiz Quiz on Fiscal Policy

Here is a quiz on fiscal policy to start our study of this topic. Fiscal policy involves changes in government spending, taxation and borrowing to have an impact on both micro and macroeconomic objectives.

This Kahoot! is publicly available thanks to Geoff Riley

Course Used: Macroeconomics (UK based)
Quiz Nature: Content Review
Question Length: 16
Estimated Time to Play: 25 minutes with explanation.

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Principles of Micro Course Review

This Kahoot covers the main topics traditionally seen in a principles of microeconomics course. There is an extensive coverage of topics ranging from supply and demand analysis to cost curves. Users should review the topics before playing to Kahoot to ensure that all of the material is applicable to your particular course.

This Kahoot! is publicly available thanks to Mr. Pledge.

Course Used: Principles of Micro
Quiz Nature: Concept Review
Question Length: 50
Estimated Time to Play: 1 hour with explanation.


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Elasticity, Surplus, Taxes, & Utility

This Kahoot! focuses on elasticity of demand, both calculating the value and interpreting the values. There are also questions related to calculating consumer and producer surplus and evaluating the graphical impact of taxes on a market.

This Kahoot! is publicly available thanks to Mr. Pledge.

Course Used: Principles of Micro
Quiz Nature: Concept Review
Question Length: 20
Estimated Time to Play: 30-40 minutes with explanation.

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What is Economics?

This Kahoot! looks at material often covered in the introduction of economics textbooks, but is intended for a younger audience. Topics include types of resources and common definitions like supply and demand. There is also a brief discussion of currency and money.

This Kahoot! is publicly available thanks to user apitzl.

Course Used: Elementary School
Quiz Nature: Concept Review
Question Length: 25
Estimated Time to Play: 45 minutes with explanation.

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AP Macro Graphing Review

This Kahoot! focuses on the graphs associated with the Macroeconomics Advanced Placement exam. The quiz covers production possibilities curves, aggregate supply and demand curves, fiscal & monetary policy, money supply, market for loanable funds, Phillips Curve, and foreign exchange.

This Kahoot! was created by Rebecca Sealock and can be accessed publicly!

Course Used: Principles of Macroeconomics
Quiz Nature: Graphing Review
Question Length: 45
Estimated Time to Play: 1 hour

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Employed, Unemployed or Not in the Labor Force?

This Kahoot! is designed as a formative assessment on the general topic of unemployment. Students must correctly identify whether the person described in employed, unemployed or not in the labor force.

This Kahoot! is publicly available!

Course Used: Principles of Macro, Labor
Quiz Nature: Concept Review
Question Length: 7
Estimated Time to Play: 10 minutes

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Intro to Economics

This Kahoot! provides an introduction to economics and can be used for both a principles of microeconomics, principles of macroeconomics, or a survey of economics course. The main questions in this Kahoot! revolve around the concepts of scarcity, opportunity cost, and factors of production.

Thanks to Mr. Martinez for the creation of this Kahoot! You can access this Kahoot! publicly.

Course Used: Principles of Micro, Principles of Macro, Survey of Economics
Quiz Nature: Concept review
Question Length: 25
Estimated Time to Play: 30-45 minutes

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Production Possibilities Quiz

This quick short quiz starts easy and gets harder for most students. It is best to play this Kahoot after going through the PPC thoroughly. Most students miss question 4 on whether unemployment shifts the PPC in or not.

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Course Used: Principles of Micro, Principles of Macro
Quiz Nature: Concept Review
Question Length: 5
Estimated Time to Play: Less than 10 minutes.

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Labor, Externalities and Risk

This Kahoot was used as a review for ECON 3 at the University of California at San Diego. The review covers labor markets, externalities and risk.

This is a public Kahoot!

Course Used: Principles of Micro
Quiz Nature: Exam Review
Question Length: 14 Questions
Estimated Time to Play: 25-30 minutes